British Airways Announces up to 12,000 jobs ‘AT RISK’ of Redundancy

4 May 2020

British Airways Announces up to 12,000 jobs 'AT RISK' of redundancy

British Airways is yet another company that has become adversely affected by the current Covid-19 pandemic. The airline has announced this week that it would have to make up to 12,000 jobs redundant out of its 42,000 employees across all levels. This is, of course, due to the sharp decline in a requirement for air travel during the current climate.

IAG, which is the airline's parent company, has confirmed that whilst the redundancies are of course subject to a collective consultation, it is likely to affect most of the airline's employees, resulting in a substantial number of job cuts being made. This is because the airline must undergo a "restructuring and redundancy programme" in order to stay afloat until demand for air travel returns to the healthier 2019 levels.

The devastating news comes after the aviation firm has already placed 23,000 of its staff on furlough, beyond just its 4,500 pilots and 16,000 crew members.

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