Road rage incidents

Road rage incidents can be complex, as they can involve a range of both traffic and criminal offences.

These offences are often complicated to deal with and there is usually evidence from a wide variety of sources.

What is road rage?

The term road rage has become an often used term in every day life used to describe any situation where drivers become angry whilst driving which can often, although not always, result in some form of criminal offence as part and parcel of it.

If you are accused of road rage or attacking another driver, you should be prepared for the possibility of a custodial sentence. The courts are getting tougher on these offences. It’s important to get expert legal advice from specialist solicitors quickly and as soon as possible so they can help prepare your defence and case with the maximum benefit to you.

There are no specific laws labelled as ‘Road Rage’ for that very reason. But it can be a criminal offence to exhibit aggressive and threatening behaviour whilst driving, as well as covering circumstances where following altercations whilst driving lead to incidents outside the car fuelled by this.

How our road rage solicitors can help you

If you face a charge concerning a road rage incident contact our specialist solicitors for advice. Road rage incidents can involve different traffic and criminal offences, such as:

  • Public order offences – Outlines different levels of offences, including using threatening offences to cause fear of unlawful violence. These relate to offences that affect public order and can include where a member of the public fears for their own safety.
  • Assault – if physical violence is involved, charges such as common assault and Actual Bodily Harm or Grievous Bodily Harm can be brought depending on the level of injuries that may be caused.
  • Criminal Damage- If the road rage incident causes damage to a vehicle or another individual’s property, then one could be charged for criminal damage.
  • Careless or dangerous driving – You could be charged with either careless or dangerous driving if another individual is hurt, or the driving falls below the expected minimum standard. For careless driving this is falling below the standard of the reasonably competent driver, for dangerous far below. It could also include cases where racing or the like is involved which would potentially be covered by dangerous driving.
  • Hit & Run- if you hit another person with your vehicle and fail to stop, you could be given points on your licence or a prison sentence depending on the severity of the case.

Road Rage FAQs

What is road rage?

Road rage refers to aggressive or violent behaviour exhibited by a driver in response to a traffic incident or frustration while driving.

What are examples of road rage?

Examples include aggressive tailgating, excessive honking, making obscene gestures, verbal threats or insults, cutting off other drivers, and even physical violence.

Is road rage considered a crime?

Yes, road rage can lead to criminal charges, depending on the severity of the behaviour. It can result in charges such as reckless driving, assault, or even manslaughter if it leads to a fatal accident.

What are the consequences of road rage?

Consequences can include fines, being disqualified from driving, mandatory anger management classes, and even imprisonment, especially if the incident involves violence or injury.

How can I avoid road rage incidents?

Be patient and tolerant while driving, avoid engaging with aggressive drivers, maintain a safe following distance, and focus on defensive driving techniques.

What should I do if I encounter road rage?

Remain calm, avoid retaliation, and try to safely distance yourself from the aggressive driver. If necessary, contact the police and provide them with a description of the vehicle and driver.

Should I seek legal advice if accused of road rage?

Yes, it’s advisable to seek legal advice immediately if you’re accused of road rage. A specialised solicitor can help you understand your rights, prepare your defence, and navigate the legal process effectively.

Can you go to prison for a driving offence?

Depending on the offence and extent of the case, you can face imprisonment. The most serious types of driving offences are dangerous and careless driving and can bring a serious sentence.

What are the defences for road rage offences?

There are many different defences that can be argued in relation to road rage offences. Such as:

  • Self-Defence – if you can prove that your reaction was due to fear of violence and that you acted in self-defence then you potentially have a defence. There are various factors involved in this, such as acting reasonably and proportionately, that would need to be thoroughly explored to determine if that defence is available:

Even if you do not have a defence there are usually mitigating factors which can assist in keeping any punishment to the lowest level possible. These can include:

  • Mental health – if you have mental health conditions that could impact your behaviour or way of thinking or reacting.
  • Provocation – if another individual involved has acted inappropriately or in a way that has made you overreact.

Why choose Gepp Solicitors specialist road rage solicitors

Gepp Solicitors’ highly experienced criminal defence lawyers are experts in all types of motoring offences. With our skilled advocacy, we can ensure your interests are protected right from the outset so you can achieve the best possible outcome for your circumstances. We have a particularly strong track record of helping clients to retain their driving licences under even the most challenging circumstances.

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