DVLA Appeals – How do I get my driving licence back ?


13 April 2023

By Elizabeth Bradshaw

Few things in life remain as significant as passing your driving test. The sense of independence and freedom of being able to drive where you want to go whenever you want is amazing. As time progresses it becomes a staple and integral part of your work and personal life but it’s importance remains throughout.

It is common knowledge that you can lose your licence or more accurately have it taken away for certain offences – drink-driving and failing to provide a breath sample to name but two. What comes as a surprise to most of us is even after a ban from driving comes to an end the DVLA can still refuse to give back your licence. If you are a ‘high risk offender’, you will not get your new licence until you can prove you are fit to drive again. You can be included in this category if you were convicted of 2 drink driving offences within 10 years, were driving with a high alcohol reading or refused to give the police a sample of breath, blood or urine to test for alcohol.

The only way to appeal once the DVLA have made such a decision is to the Magistrates Court within 6 months of that decision who will hear from the DVLA and yourself concerning the issue. Your best chance of being successful either in that Appeal at the Magistrates Court or persuading the DVLA to review their decision and get your licence back involves having the advice and expertise of a solicitor who can ensure your interests are protected and advanced at every stage. The sooner you instruct such an expert the better as this can involve everything from written representations to the DVLA, advocacy at an Appeal Hearing and/or general advice and contact with your doctor and/or others to assist. Elizabeth Bradshaw has a proven track record in assisting in such cases at a variety of Magistrates Court throughout Suffolk and Essex and beyond.

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