Drug related offences

Drug offences are serious charges and have the potential to result in a significant custodial sentence.

If you have recently been charged with a drug related offence, you will require expert advice from experienced and successful solicitors which should be sought from an early stage. We have a proven impeccable track record of defending such matters and ensuring the best possible outcome for clients within your case’s unique and particular parameters.

Drug related offences

There are a number of drug related offences such as:

Possession of Drugs – Carrying illegal drugs is against the law and is a chargeable offence, whether the drugs are yours or otherwise. This charge can lead to being sentenced and can involve anything from a fine through to up to 51 weeks in custody.

Supply of a controlled Drug / Possession with intent to supply – If you have sold or are found sharing drugs with another person, this is a serious offence. There is no need for evidence of payment or a financial reward. This charge has the potential of a custodial sentence up to 14 years.

Conspiracy to supply – Conspiracy to supply is when two or more individuals agree to sell or supply a controlled drug. No physical drugs need to be found, the police only require evidence that plans have been made to sell drugs. This includes text messages and other cell site evidence. The maximum sentence is life imprisonment if involving Class A drugs and up to 14 years if Class B.

Importation – The importation or exportation of drugs is an illegal offence. Under S170(2) of the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979, any individual who knowingly acquires possession of, goods with respect to the important/exportation of drugs, or is knowingly concerned in carrying or moving drugs around shall be detained. This also holds a potential custodial sentence, with a maximum of 14 years for Class B and C drugs, and life imprisonment for Class A drugs.

Drug production – If you are involved in the process of producing a controlled drug, by either cultivation or manufacture then you are breaking the law. This includes providing a property to another individual who intends to use it for production.

Growing Cannabis plants equals to production, even if this is for your own use and this offence can result in a custodial sentence. The punishment for Drug production varies from a discharge to 16 years in custody depending upon the Class of drug involved.

Gepp solicitors have an extensive and unparalleled success rate in relation to cases involving drugs. It is of paramount importance that when faced with such you get in contact as swiftly as possible. Even at the initial interview stage there is significant gain to be made by ensuring the best representation possible.

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