Kate Garraway’s Story Demonstrates the Need for Lasting Powers of Attorney


16 November 2020

By Farhad Islam

Good Morning Britain’s presenter, Kate Garraway, last week opened up about her financial worries as her husband Derek remains in hospital.

Derek Garraway was diagnosed with coronavirus in March this year which has left him hospitalised ever since.

As a result, Kate Garraway has had to parent their two children on her own, whilst struggling to deal with household finances and insurance policies. Kate opened up about the financial struggles she has faced due to the fact that Derek is the named person on their bills and various policies.

The difficult situation Kate is in may sadly reflect the struggles that many families are currently going through. Kate’s story highlights the importance of having Property and Finance Lasting Powers of Attorney in place, which enable you to deal with your partners finances when they no longer have the physical or mental capacity to do so themselves.

Whilst everyone has become aware of the need for a Will during this difficult time, it is important also to remember the need for Lasting Powers of Attorney.

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This is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues.