Spotlight: Chantelle Bradley


22 February 2021

By Clare Nichols

Spotlight: Chantelle Bradley


  1. How long have you been a Solicitor?

I qualified in January 2017, however everyday can be a learning curve with each client's personal circumstances and their requirements being different to the last.  


  1. Do you have an area of speciality or that you are most interested in?

I am interested in assisting the elderly with their legal matters, whether that is Wills, LPAs or estate planning. I mostly enjoy getting to know my client and hearing about their personal history.

  1. How would you best describe your approach with clients?

I would say my approach with clients is friendly and empathic.

  1. What's the most fulfilling part of your job?

Client satisfaction and ensuring that their wishes are put into place and they understand everything I am doing for them. I try to avoid legal jargon where possible to ensure clarity for my clients.

  1. Is putting a Will in place really as depressing as everyone thinks?

Many people believe that putting a Will in place is morbid and death remains a taboo topic of conversation. However, I believe that putting a Will in place can help individuals feel at ease with what could be a challenging decision for them. It can also reduce the burden and stress on family members and loved ones, if they have knowledge that your Will, which you prepared during your lifetime, reflects your wishes as to what should happen to your estate upon your death.  

  1. Tell us something surprising about yourself.

I spent my whole childhood in the foster care system and struggled academically, however I focused on pursing my education and my passion to become a solicitor to help other individuals. I lost both parents at a young age; my mother when I was aged 10 and my father when I was aged 15 and can relate, to some extent, to client's upset following the loss of a loved one. This is what inspired my passion to become a solicitor and help my clients during those difficult times.

  1. Finally, and most importantly, who is your favourite Star Wars character?

I love Grogu! You can never judge a book by its cover, as Grogu appears innocent and childlike, however, when he puts his mind to what he wants to do, he can be very powerful indeed, just needs little bit of training.

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