My family will know what to do when the time comes…..?


1 November 2018

By Lisa Carter

One too many times we hear that those who have chosen to not put a Will in place do not because they believe their family or loved ones would have their best interests at heart once they die. However, by putting a Will in place it not only gives you peace of mind that your affairs will be handled the way you would like them to be, but also gives your family peace of mind that important decisions regarding your estate have been thought about in advance.  

Dying without a Will, also know as ‘intestate’, inevitably puts a great deal of pressure on the next of kin when it comes to dealing with a deceased’s estate.

After someone has passed away, a strict process must be followed in order to gain control of the deceased’s estate and a number of important obligations need to be met. This includes valuing the estate, paying any inheritance tax due and dividing the estate between the people who have the right to inherit, the beneficiaries.

If there is no Will, what you may have intended to happen to your estate doesn’t necessarily matter. The estate will instead be divided according to the standard rules of intestacy, which specify exactly who will inherit depending on the circumstances.

Although a Solicitor will be able to help when it comes to an intestate estate, ultimately a Will makes sure all your wishes are put in place to avoid unnecessary pain and heartache. When the time comes your loved ones will be able to seek assistance from a Solicitor and help with some or all of the probate process. Knowing the process will be dealt with as you intend can give you peace of mind.

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This is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues.