Do I still need a Will if I don’t have any assets?


25 October 2017

By Hollie Allcorn

One of the common misconceptions preventing people from putting a Will in place is the view that they don't have anything to leave, for example a property or savings. However, regardless of age or personal circumstances very few people have nothing to leave behind when they die. Whether you wish to leave specific personal possessions to a family member or friend, or wish to appoint a certain individual to deal with your estate, writing a Will allows you to have control and ensure that your wishes are clear when you die.

Having a Will should also be considered if you are due to inherit in the future or if for example you have life insurance in place as whilst you may not have many assets now you need to consider what you may own at the date of your death.  Even though it is impossible to predict when you will die and what you will own, having a Will ensures that whatever you have passes to those you chose and it can also prevent disputes after your death.

If you die without leaving a Will then this can leave your loved ones in a difficult position and cause unnecessary distress so consider putting a Will in place now regardless of what you are leaving behind.

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