Be sure to find your Will


30 October 2017

By Lisa Carter

In recent years TV programmes such as Heir Hunters have highlighted how many Estates end up with the Government's Bona Vacantia Division or being distributed incorrectly as the Deceased's last Will cannot be found.

To avoid your Estate being distributed incorrectly under an old Will or in accordance with the Intestacy Rules as no Will can be found, why not store your Will with Gepp & Sons Solicitors free of charge. 

At the same time we can also arrange for it to be registered with the Certainty National Will Register which not only logs your Will on a national database but in the event a Will cannot be found they offer a service which contacts solicitors in the local area of the Deceased with the request they search through their archives to try and identify a Will.

So if you are concerned about your Estate being distributed incorrectly or are currently searching for the Will of a loved one or friend, then please contact us on 01245 228127 to discuss how we can help.