Buy Cheap, Pay Twice – Why It Is Crucial To Invest In A Quality Conveyancing Solicitor

10 July 2017

If you were spending over £250,000 on a car, would you employ an unqualified or junior mechanic to inspect the engine?  If you were buying a business that may require you to take out a loan for £300,000, would you fail to hire an accountant to check the organisation’s books?

Most people would not dream of risking their savings and future prosperity in such a way.  So why would you take unnecessary risks when buying a home?

The average house price in the UK is £232,530.  Latest figures show in the South East, this rises to £311,514.  Go inside the M25, and you will be parting with an average of £471,742.

Buying and selling a home is the highest value transaction most people make in their lifetime.  And often property sales are not straightforward.  If things go wrong, thousands of pounds can be lost, along with many nights of peaceful sleep.

Take the example of a new homeowner whose conveyancer failed to extend their searches to the surrounding properties.  A few months after completing the transaction, she discovered the school behind her home had received planning permission to build an extension which would drastically restrict her view.

Failing to identify the boundaries of a property correctly can also lead to costly neighbour disputes and stress. Then there is the frustration of not being able to complete your sale and/or purchase because your conveyancer fails to return phone calls, respond to emails or acts in other ways that are far from professional.

Investing in quality

In any profession, there are some companies that will slash prices and rely on a business model of the quantity of work rather than charge more but have fewer clients and deliver a higher standard of service.  Conveyancing is no exception.  Firms that invest the time and capital in recruiting highly-qualified, experienced, conscientious staff, internationally recognised accreditations and top-end technology are naturally going to charge more for their service.  However, in return, you can trust that:

  • a comprehensive client engagement letter will be provided outlining the services provided, the estimated time the transaction will take and a full written estimate of all known conveyancing fees to help you budget for the move
  • a fully-trained, experienced solicitor will manage your conveyancing transaction from beginning to end
  • all the necessary searches will be undertaken, including drainage and water, utility, environment and flood risk, land registry, and chancel repair
  • any irregularities found in the searches or when negotiating the sale and purchase contract will be explained to you in full
  • you will receive regular updates on how your matter is progressing and when completion will take place
  • the firm will have strong cyber-security measures in place to protect you from online conveyancing scams that could result in tens of thousands of pounds being stolen
  • your phone calls and emails will be returned/answered in a timely manner
  • a clear, accessible complaints procedure will be available to you

In summary

When it comes to ensuring the sale and purchase of your home runs smoothly, the little bit extra you invest in quality conveyancing legal advice could save you thousands of pounds in the long-run.  When things go wrong with the property, the results can be spectacularly expensive, frustrating, and stressful.  By instructing an experienced property solicitor who provides personal service and is required to deliver a high standard of service to keep accreditations that have been awarded to the law firm, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the home you are buying comes with no nasty, unexpected surprises.

Gepp & Sons Solicitors are one of the region’s leading law firms, and have been providing clear legal advice on all aspects of residential property transactions for generations.  We have been awarded a Lexcel accreditation and a Conveyancing Quality accreditation from the Law Society of England and Wales.

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