Bungalows maybe a thing of the past

17 March 2016

The amount of bungalows being built in the England has reduced, despite the need for properties to accommodate the elderly. Bungalows appeal to those approaching retirement, and for those who struggle to climb stairs. Therefore they are a perfect choice for the elderly and for people who require the use of a wheelchair. 

Even with Britain's population now living longer resulting in the need for more ground floor accommodation, rising land prices are forcing developers to maximise the land's potential by building more lucrative accommodation such as maisonettes and flats. 

Government property currently accounts for 10.9% of council homes and 11.2% of homes managed by housing associations. English Councils are planning on selling off some of their properties for the purposes of redevelopment. In 2015 the Government estimated that a hectare of land with planning permission would cost in the region of £6 million. Therefore the land is likely to be sold to private purchasers who will replace the current property for a more profitable option such as those discussed above. 

The development of pre-fabricated resources such as plasterboard permitted the erection of economical bungalows on inexpensive seaside land suitable for buildings requiring a solid foundation. This created properties for those on lower incomes to purchase bungalows. However finances are forcing the reduction of bungalows even on seaside land that was once considered the perfect place for such accommodation.

The Government are stating that they are developing building regulations in order to build specialist homes for the elderly and for disabled people. These properties will have wheelchair access and amenities for the elderly. This will potentially alleviate the need for bungalows but only time will tell. 

The above is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues.

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