Tax return filing deadline rapidly approaching


10 January 2019

By Marc Dorsett

If you listen to commercial radio you'll have heard the, fairly regular, adverts from HMRC regarding the 31 January filing deadline for the 2017/18 tax return. There are only 3 weeks from the date of writing in which to file your return online. The paper return deadline passed a few months ago.

If this is the first time you've needed a self-assessment return and haven't notified HMRC you need to act quickly. You will need a special reference to file the return and this will take a week or two to receive if you request one now as all references are sent through the post.

There is an automatic £100 penalty for missing the deadline. Further penalties will be levied after 3 months at £10 per day to a maximum of £900 plus further penalties at 6 and 12 months late. HMRC do not accept ignorance as an excuse for failing to file as the onus is on the taxpayer.

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