Probate Fee Increase Delayed


29 March 2019

By Hollie Allcorn

The probate fee increase has been delayed…

The Probate Registry have confirmed on 27th March that the new fee increase will not be introduced on 1st April as previously expected.

The proposed fees will only come into force by an Order once they have been approved by the House of Commons but a date has still not been set for this vote.

If approved, the fees were due to come into effect on 1st April but the Probate Registry have explained that the new fees can only come into force 21 days after the Order is made, so therefore they will not be introduced on 1st April.

This means that the new fees are unlikely to be introduced until late April at the very earliest, depending on when the House of Commons vote takes place and if they are approved.

 The new proposed fees are as follows:

Proposed Fees

Value of Estate

 Fee (£155/£215)

Less than £50,000

 No fee

From £50,000 to £300,000

 £250 (increase of £95/£35)

From £300,000 to £500,000

 £750 (increase of £595/£535)

From £500,000 to £1m

 £2,500 (increase of £2,345/£2,285)

From £1m to £1.6m

 £4,000 (increase of £3,845/£3,785)

From £1.6m to £2m

 £5,000 (increase of £4,845/£4,785)

From £2m over

 £6,000 (increase of £5.845/5,785)













The proposed new fees will replace the current flat rate fee of £155 if applying for a Grant of Probate through a solicitor, or £215 if making a personal application, on all estates above £5,000.

If you have concerns about the proposed increase, or would like further information, please telephone our Private Client Department on 01245 228127.

This is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues.