Will Pavement Parking Be Banned?


12 March 2020

By Elizabeth Bradshaw

Pavement parking might be banned in England, the Department for Transport has stated.

In London, the ban already exists. In the rest of England, only lorries are currently banned from parking on the pavement. The government want to open a consultation as to whether or not local authorities should be allowed more parking powers. 

In 2015, the government promised that they would look into the issue, but it seems that the action might only happen now – five years later.

There are reservations around the proposal…

Some feel that the ban could cause chaos in areas of England. The AA oppose the outright ban;

"A better solution would be for councils to make a street-by-street assessment and where pavement parking could be allowed it be clearly marked and signed."

MPs feel that this type of parking has a detrimental affect on the vulnerable, elderly, disabled and those with prams, who are often forced onto the road when there is not ample room to pass by on the pavement.

Additionally, unlike roads, pavements are just not designed to take the weight of vehicles constantly, leading to costly repairs.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: "Vehicles parked on the pavement can cause very real difficulties for many pedestrians". He noted that the consultation would look at a variety of options, including giving local authorities extended powers to crack down on this behaviour.

For more information…

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