TV star Ant McPartlin sentenced for drink driving


17 April 2018

By Roger Brice

TV presenter Ant McPartlin has been sentenced yesterday in relation to an allegation of drink driving for which he pleaded guilty to at Wimbledon Magistrates Court. District Judge Barbra Barnes carefully considered the Television star's sentence and issued a 20 month driving ban as well as a weighty £86,000 fine which is reported to be one of the largest fines issued in a British Court for a drink driving offence.

Prior to sentencing, the facts of the case would have been established by the Prosecutor Katie Sinnett who would have explained that Mr McPartlin was more than twice over the legal limit when he lost control of his vehicle turning a corner before colliding into the front of an oncoming car. One of the drivers said that the family were in deep shock as they believed they could have died as a result of the television stars reckless driving. The fact Mr McPartlin was involved in an accident causing minor injuries to those involved would have aggravated the sentence.

Mr McPartlin's Barrister Liam Walker provided mitigation to the courts stating that Mr McPartlin has expressed sorrow and regret over the incident which the television star put down to a brief  relapse during the time he was seeking help for alcohol and emotional issues.

The District Judge would have considered the facts of the matter as well as Mr McParlin's mitigation and before sentencing him added that she believed it would have quite an impact on him to know he is no longer a man of good character.

McPartlin's driving ban can be reduced by five months, to a total of 15 months, if he completes a drink-drive referral programme by mid-May 2019.

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