MP’s Want to Let Councils Have More Power to Fine Drivers


13 June 2019

By Elizabeth Bradshaw

Would this scheme work in Essex?

The Transport Committee in a report recently have stated that police forces, due to reduced numbers and stretched resources, cannot properly and effectively enforce traffic laws. Their recommendation is that these powers should be shared with local authorities in Essex and other counties.

London and Cardiff already have the power to give fines for matters such as stopping in a yellow box junctions. Whilst the RAC welcome this opportunity for councils to use local knowledge, there is some concern that such power could be used without consistency and/or appropriateness.

There is also the potential for councils seeking further monies using this as an easy way to raise cash by imposing fines for such matters. The power is provided to them under the Traffic Management Act 2004 with examples being relation to police parking, bus lane violations and moving traffic offences but very few councils have utilised this to date although this may well signal a change in that stance.

It is always important to gain appropriate legal advice if accused of such matters to ensure the best possible outcome.

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