Ireland international footballer charged with Drink Driving

20 March 2018

Ireland international footballer Darron Gibson was spotted being arrested near Sunderland AFC's 'Academy of Light'

Sunderland AFC has suspended Darron Gibson, after the player was charged with driving with excess alcohol on Saturday 17 March. This follows an incident that occurred where the 30 year-old allegedly smashed his £75,000 Mercedes into a row of parked cars. 

Sunderland AFC’s chief executive, Martin Bain commented on the situation saying: “We expect the highest standard of behaviour from our players and should any individual fall short of those standards then robust action must be taken."

This is not the first drink driving incident the Championship midfielder has been charged with as in 2015 Gibson's car mounted a pavement in Cheshire and struck three cyclists that were fixing a chain. The then Everton player sped from the scene and drew attention to himself by making a noisy entry at a garage by crashing into a petrol pump and then starting to fill his vehicle while wearing no shoes.

According to media reports Gibson's accident on 17th March 2018 caused no injuries and only damage to his Mercedes and cars parked on the side of the road.

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