Harsher sentences for banned drivers who kill

25 February 2015

The changes, he says, are designed to reflect the impact of such crimes on victims and their families.

Grayling said "I want to make our roads safer and ensure people who cause harm face tough penalties.  Disqualified drivers should not be on our roads for good reason.  Those who chose to defy a ban imposed by a court and go on to destroy innocent lives must face serious consequences for the terrible impact of their actions".

The changes to be implemented in early 2015 are:

  • An increase from two years to ten years for banned drivers who cause death.
  • The introduction of a new offence of causing serious injury by driving whilst disqualified carrying a maximum penalty of two years' imprisonment.

Mr Grayling also announced his intention to conduct a full review of all driving offences and penalties 'to ensure people who endanger lives and public safety are properly punished'.  The review is to include offences committed by uninsured and unlicensed drivers. 

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