Essex Police’s anti-drink and drug campaign – the results are in


14 January 2019

By Elizabeth Bradshaw

Essex police carried out an anti-drink and drug campaign #DriveSafeDriveSober last summer during which 205 people were arrested and they recently reported another driver being convicted flowing form this last week.  The campaign highlighted how alcohol and drugs can impair driving.

If convicted of such an offence this can lead to disqualification from driving which for many is a necessity for both employment and family life.  It is important and indeed necessary for the Prosecution to deal with such cases in a way that meets all evidential issues and there are often cases where the police have failed to carry out proper procedure or the like which can lead to the case failing.  To ensure proper and rigorous examination of this expert legal advice at the earliest stage gives you the best chance of fully examining such matters and mounting a successful defence.

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