Been Caught Drug or Drink Driving? Here Is What You Need To Know


21 December 2018

By Elizabeth Bradshaw

Been caught drink or drug driving?

It is common practice by the police to take any suspected driver to a police station if directly seen driving and charge after a breath sample is taken by the intoximeter at the police station if it is found to be over the limit.  For suspected drug drivers generally a blood sample is taken and you are then released whilst the sample is sent off to a laboratory to be formally tested. 

For the majority of people driving is a necessity for work and family responsibilities and if convicted of such an offence a ban in usual circumstances is mandatory.

Do I need a solicitor at the police station or court?

The CPS need to prove firstly that you have been driving to convict you of either offence. There are also strict procedures in place as regards taking any samples of breath or blood as well as potential issues that can be raised concerning intoximeter machine results in certain circumstances.  There are others and these are only two of the issues that need expert legal assistance for extensive investigation to try and assist in defeating any prosecution case, thereby resulting in no conviction for the same.  To instruct a solicitor at the police station ensures all possible procedural issues being assessed at the earliest possible stage.

Once the decision has been made to charge you then a solicitor is able to request all prosecution papers to assess their case and again ensure any weaknesses in the prosecution case are found.

Even if the best advice once all those matters are investigated on your behalf is for you to plead guilty having the right solicitor can ensure the best possible result for you at court to ensure that you are back on the road as swiftly as possible.

Gepp Solicitors have been providing legal advice for motor offence clients of generations. Our specialist Motor Crime Team, headed up by Senior Partner Roger Brice have a wealth of experience in road traffic law and are here to help ‘keep you on the road’.

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