Car cloning – beware !


9 January 2019

By Elizabeth Bradshaw

The police are warning that criminal gangs are copying thousands of legitimate number plates who then drive getting speeding fines and congestion charges whilst using the cloned plates, it is then the innocent owner of the legitimate vehicle who is contacted and potentially could even be prosecuted for such matters. In some instances cars are filled up with fuel and they drive off without paying and they can also be used to ram raid premises.

The police are asking car manufacturers to do more to protect innocent motorists and make it more difficult for plates to be cloned. Thousands of plates are being stolen in the West Midlands with other areas seeing huge rises in such criminality. At present the police criticise the fact that plates can be taken off vehicles easily making such offences simple to carry out.

If you are a victim of such matters and are receiving paperwork in terms of offences you haven't committed or are worried that your number plate has been cloned you can contact the DVLA, police and/or the organisation issuing the final penalty points and explain the situation.

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