Ten out of ten isn’t bad?


17 September 2018

By Sanjay Makwana

Well it probably is when it means you came tenth out of ten, but if you’re going to lose then why not do it well?!

The imaginatively named ‘Team Gepp’ made its dodgeball debut last week at Jump Street Chelmsford’s corporate event in aid of Farleigh Hospice and despite coming last out of all ten teams, we still had a great time.

Whilst we may not have made any new friends (who knew dodgeball is so competitive…) and half of our team were dwarfed by the male giants playing on the majority of the other teams, the main thing is we acted like a team and cheered each other on regardless of how terrible we were.

Man of the Match definitely goes to Harry Carter who must have been born with rubber bones and no sense of fear.

In this our 250th year the partners and staff are enjoying giving back to the local community in so many ways – this one just happened to be rather energetic!