Relationship Christmas blues


9 June 2015

By Farhad Islam

The pace of modern life is such that families spend little time together, one occasion when they do is Christmas. Many couples experience additional stress, be it emotional and/or financial, so much so matters often come to a head and boil over.

Before making life changing decisions it is important to take stock of the situation. Some relationships can be repaired and marriage guidance or relationship counselling can be considered a good place to start.

We all have families and as one of the regions most experienced law firms we understand that whilst the situation might sound familiar to us, every relationship is different. We work hard to encourage clients to seek the most cost effective solution which can include mediation.

Our lawyers approach these difficult situations with sensitivity and practical advice and can be contacted should you need on …

If you are going through a separation, or know someone who is we are here to help and can provide advice and assurance so that you and and your family can move forward. We offer a free half hour assessment. Our lawyers  Steven Payne can be contacted on 01245 228106 and at

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