New website launched this week

24 February 2017

Gepp & Sons are proud to have taken a modern approach to law since 1768. While our website (and the Internet, for that matter) has only existed for a tiny fraction of that time, we always make sure we roll with the times. That’s why we decided it was time to spruce up our website a little, bringing our online presence up to date and in line with who we are as a firm.

We are pleased to unveil our new and improved site to you this week. Our well-known Gepp & Sons branding is the same as ever, but we have made some great updates to the display and compatibility of the site, making it easer than ever for our clients and visitors to get in touch with us and to access the contents of our site from any device.

What’s New?

We like to keep our clients up to date with what’s going on in the legal world and our local community. With the launch of our new site we have introduced a section dedicated to blogs, to accommodate our regular posts from the Gepp & Sons team. You can expect to see more news updates, useful information, our comments on hot topics that are relevant to you and general updates about what’s going on at Gepp & Sons.

You may have noticed the design of our site has been cleaned up – perhaps especially if you are on a mobile device. We have indeed made some significant improvements to the display on desktop computers and mobile devices alike. The advancement of technology marches on every day and the way we browse the Internet evolves with it. More and more users are accessing the web from mobile devices as time goes on so it’s important to keep up in order to ensure an optimised site experience for our clients!

We’re also making it easier than ever for our clients to reach us – we’ve brought our enquiry form to the fore so you can get in contact with our experts at the touch of a button. We’ve also introduced a mini form in some key areas of the site such as the people directory that allows you to easily send the Gepp & Sons team a quick question.

Stay up to date with Gepp & Sons

In addition to our regular blog posts, we are also active on social media. Why not follow us? You can keep up to date with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Gepp & Sons has worked for a wide range of clients in Essex for many years, offering expert services for both individuals and businesses. From assistance with family matters to support for your business, get in touch with Gepp & Sons today to find out how we can help – please send us an enquiry via our site or give us a call on 01245 493939.