More living alone in middle age

22 November 2013

A few days ago, the Daily Mail ran a headline article entitled “Lonely UK” and gave figures for the number of middle aged people living alone due to divorce or separation. Figures supplied by the Office for National Statistics reveal that over 2.5 million people aged 45-64 have their own home and live alone. Since the 1990’s this figure has grown by 50%

Gepp & Sons Family Law Team has seen an increasing number of enquiries from people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s looking for advice about a possible separation or divorce.   Many have been in lengthy marriages but due to various reasons they now find themselves facing the prospect of a relationship breakdown.

If you find yourself in similar circumstances, you are invited to telephone Gepp & Sons Family Law Team on 01245 228126 to make an appointment for an initial free consultation.

Our experienced team will happily advise you on matters which could affect you, in the event of a separation or a divorce, which allow people to be better informed before making life changing decisions.