Legal Eagles -v- Finches (Chelmsford)

1 June 2018

From the office to the court and not the Court you are thinking of!

On Wednesday the firm’s netball team, Legal Eagles, played Finches in their second friendly netball match.

Legal Eagles put in 100% effort throughout the whole game by working as a team, something that Gepp Solicitors are renowned for, there was great communication between the players and this resulted in seven fabulous goals scored by Lisa Carter, Karen Fresle and Bethany Vale and Deb Conroy was great at defending. Georgia Gann was even awarded player of the match!

On behalf of Legal Eagles we would like to thank Finches for being a great team to practice with. We would also like to thank Natasha Howe for giving up her Friday evenings to coach us and finally to the Equity Partners for our fancy new t-shirts!

Till our next match………….