How do you know I’m choosing the right solicitor?

13 October 2016

It is important to find the right solicitor to suit your individual case. If you have young children, it is essential you choose a solicitor who is a family specialist, familiar with the family courts and with dealing with child arrangements applications. If your case includes issues such as trusts or you are a member of the farming community, it is imperative that you find a solicitor who has experience in these specific areas.

It is also important to consider your financial budget when choosing a solicitor. A younger lawyer will be cheaper and may also be more suitable in cases where for example, social media is relevant.

You will need to discuss very personal matters with your solicitor; therefore it is vital that you feel at ease with them. We have Male and female solicitors in our specialist family team with a wide range of experience and expertise in all aspects of family law.

If you are experiencing relationship issues, or know someone else who is, please do not hesitate to contact Keeley Lawrence-Hoyle in our family team on 01245 228106 or email