Gepp & Sons exhibit at the County Library

27 January 2012

At the Invitation of Essex County Council Gepp & Sons are exhibiting extracts from their recently published work entitled "The Way We Worked" in the County Library in Chelmsford Town Centre. The Author – James Gilder wrote: …… it is probably true to say that few people are aware of just how tightly the history of Chelmsford and that of the Gepps and their business are interwoven. I did not know what I was in for when I started to research this book. I naively assumed that this history could be assembled after talking to members of staff past and present, a quick trip to the Records Office and a few hours at the computer. A year and a half later I have come to the realisation that I was very wrong. It has been a long but enjoyable task, one which could not have been completed without the great assistance of many contributors, to all of whom I am very thankful. I can, however, assure you that the mistakes are all mine. In this, a year which probably marks the 250th anniversary of the arrival of Edward Gepp in Chelmsford, we have what I hope is a reasonably comprehensive history of a firm of solicitors, along with several chapters which are written in order to put that history in its context …. The former Senior Partner – Thomas C Gepp wrote: I am very pleased to have been asked to write a short foreword to this book of the history of Gepp & Sons Solicitors. Nothing in my long life of just over ninety years to date has been more important to me. I was the sixth generation of the Gepp family to have been a member of the firm and I liked to treat the partners and employees as my family. I think it was the case that, if a member of the firm wanted help or advice, he could always come to me or one of the partners for that help. I am very glad that this book has been written, as it will place on record the history of an important Essex institution. Copies of the book are available by way of a small donation to charity. For further details please email