Gepps Quiz Answers

24 March 2020

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24.3.2020 – The Essex Quiz

I first saw this house from the train on my return from Oberammergau in 1930. I returned a year later and purchased it, who am I?
Answer: Henry Ford (Boreham House)

Born in Danbury in 1944, I collaborated with Monty Python, formed the Rutles and played in the Bonzo Doo-Dah Bank, Who am I?
Answer: Neil Innes  

I am 2,158 meters long and my legs get a good wash twice a day, who am I?
Answer: Southend Pier   

In what decade did Sir Alan Sugar first start building his home computer market?
Answer: Early 1980’s

What did Sir Charles Kao first pioneer in Harlow that has helped speed up what we do?
Answer: Fibre optics


26.3.2020 – Test Your Knowledge

How old was the oldest recorded person?
Answer: C, 122! Officially it was 122 years and 164 days held by Jiroemon Kimura, 1897-2013.

In what year was modern day Inheritance Tax first established?
Answer: A, 1894. The government introduced estate duty, a tax on the capital value of land in order to pay off a £4m government deficit.

What is the threshold for Inheritance Tax?
Answer: A, 325,000 – In the 2019/20 tax year everyone is entitled to leave an estate valued £325,000 or below free of tax.

Until his death in 1965 how many years in total did Winston Churchill serve this country as Prime Minister?      
Answer: C, 9 – first between 1940 and 1945 then again 1951 till 1955      

In the 20th Century what was the highest rate of income tax?
Answer C, 99.25% – The highest rate of income tax peaked with an eye-watering rate of 99.25% during the Second World War!


30.3.2020 – How well do you know Essex?

Invented at one of the highest points of Essex what was the household name for the ACV?
Answer: Hovercraft (air-cushioned vehicle) Invented in Danbury by Christopher Cockrell    

Which flamboyant artist studied at King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford? 
Answer: Grayson Perry

Known to his family as ‘John’ – "I was born in Buckhurst Hill in 1946. I chose to be known as ‘Jack’ whilst at school after one of the leaders of the Peasant Revolt. Who am I?"              Answer:  Jack Straw MP

"Born Sandra Goodrich, I am best known for my tune about a marionette in 1967. Who am I?"                                                                                                                                            Answer: Sandy Shaw         

Out of the following three who is reported to be the richest with an estimated wealth of £1.4BN? 
Sir Alan Sugar, Mark Dixon (REGUS Group) or Jon Hunt founder of Foxtons Estate Agents?
Answer: Jon Hunt (Mark Dixon comes in at £1.339BN followed by Sir Alan comes at £1.21BN)


3.4.2020 – 5 multiple choice questions from Steven Payne, Gepp Solicitors Head of Family.

What is the highest recorded number of monogamous marriages held by one person? Is it (A) 14   (B) 13  (C) 29 
Answer:  C, 29 – Held by Californian Baptist Minister Glynn Wolfe (1908-1997)

According the Guinness Book of Records how long was the longest recorded marriage? Was it  (A) 68 years   (B) 76 years   (C) 84 years                           
Answer:  C, 84 years –  Zelmyra and Herbert Fisher, married on the 13th May 1924

In what year was the first UK civil partnership formed? Was it     (A) 2004   (B) 2005   (C) 2006                                 
Answer: B, 2005 – 11am on the 5th December 2005 between Matthew Roche and Christopher Cramp under the Civil Partnership Act 2004.

How many times (in total) was Elizabeth Taylor married?
(A) 7    (B) 8   (C) 9                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Answer: B, 8 – She married a staggering 8 times to 7 men, not all at the same time though. (Twice married to Richard Burton)


At what age did Margaret Beaufort and John de la Pole get married? Was it (A) 7   (B)    (C) 11                                   
Answer:  A, 7 – They were both believed to have been seven when married in 1450. The marriage was annulled in 1453