CLA AGM: Farmers Invade WW1 Airfield


27 April 2017

By Keri Constantatou

Yesterday 70 of the county’s farmers and land owners braved a very blustery ‘Dengie Peninsula’ to attend the CLA’s annual AGM. Gepp and Sons were delighted to sponsor the event which was held at the Stow Maries Aerodrome, Europe’s most intact WW1 airfield. The AGM was chaired by Jonathan Douglas-Hughes, CLA’s Essex Regional President and Senior Partner at Gepp & Sons. After the formalities the attendees were treated to a wonderful talk by wildlife photographer and film maker, Russell Savory. Russell has been involved from the start in the restoration of this Grade II airfield as well as being instrumental in creating a nationally recognised conservation area with an array of rare fauna and flora.

After Russell’s talk and between the blustery showers the hardy 70 were given an informative tour of the airfield, its hangers and officer’s quarters. To round the visit off it was off to the mess where everyone was treated to a typical WW1 lunch of ‘Trench Soup’ followed by that all-time favourite, ‘spotted dick.’

If you would like further information on the CLA, Stow Maries Aerodrome or the works by Russell Savoury please click on the above links.

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