Christmas Contact

1 December 2016

Over the Christmas period we know that every parent’s top priority is to spend time with children and this can be difficult for parents who are separating

When parents initially split each family is very different. One parent often moves out and many parents are able to reach an agreement on a fair arrangement to see their children that suits their particular family.

However some cases aren’t as straightforward and sometimes one parent might need to seek the advice from a Solicitor to make arrangements to see their children.

The Court is under a duty to put the child’s best interest as top priority when reaching a decision about contact for children. It is important to always consider what’s best for your child and we have listed a few things to think about when making arrangements:-

1. Communicate – we can help set up a parenting plan that both parents agree on and stick to

2. Plan ahead – speak to a solicitor and organise your plans, this will show clear intentions for both parties. Christmas is coming round fast and set plans need to be agreed before the big day.

3. Always put your children’s priorities first – consider what is best for them and look at what the child would like to do and not just what each parent would like

4. Be flexible – alternate Christmas and boxing days between you. There is also Christmas Eve and New Year’s eve/day to think about.

If you are likely to be in dispute over the arrangements for your children this Christmas, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help you with a solution. We can offer advice and assistance and help you draft an agreement for your child arrangements either by a simple parenting plan or a contact order certified by the Court. Please contact our Lawyer Sally Ward on 01245 228118 or at Sally is a member of Resolution as an expert in private children law.

Alternatively if you cannot agree and need some negotiation to reach a fair arrangement we have an experienced mediator who is also a member of Resolution who can help sort out the best possible solution for both of you and your children. Please contact Sarah Overy on 01245 228132 or at