At Gepps, We’re “Talking The Market Up!”

19 August 2019

Celebrating a 40% increase on instructions!

With tales of woe across the news about BREXIT and a falling pound, many estate agents and conveyancing solicitors alike are reporting a bit of a down turn in activity in the housing market. Whilst property prices appear to be stabilising, are buyers and sellers really putting their intention to move on hold? As we enter the holiday season the housing market is reported to be plateauing… so why are Gepps so busy?

Our continued success could be down to a number of factors, client recommendations, estate agent referrals or could it be the exceptional customer service offered by my New Business Team and their instant online quotation system.  July year on year my Conveyancing Department has seen just over a 40% increase in new or returning clients instructing us to help them with their home move.

This is 40% increase in instructions, not enquiries.

During July Marc Dorsett, Gepp Solicitors resident Tax Associate, launched our Stamp Duty Land Tax Saving Scheme (SDLT) which, subject to certain qualifying factors could see clients reducing their SDLT liability. One application lodged by Marc in July could see HMRS refund the client a staggering £80,000 in SDLT.

So whether you are a first time buyer, moving up market, buying an investment property or planning your retirement and trading down to release equity my New Business Team will be pleased to help you plan your move.

For an instant quotation covering all known legal costs, please use our instant, free and no-obligation quotation tool to plan your sale or purchase today.