A seven year high!

9 June 2015

With lower interest rates and purchaser initiatives such as the Help to Buy scheme, first-time buyers found houses and flats more affordable in the last year, despite rising prices

An estimated 326,500 people purchased their first home last year – a rise of 22% compared to 2013.

Interestingly the Halifax reported the size of the average deposit fell by 7% during the year.

In 2014, first-time buyers typically had to find a down-payment of £29,218 – compared with £31,582 the year before.

In the third quarter of 2014, first-time buyers were spending an average of 32% of their disposable incomes on paying the mortgage, according to the Halifax. That compares to 50% of their incomes back in 2007.

The average first-time buyer paid £171,870 in 2014, a 9% rise on the previous year.

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