A Historical brand that is fit for the 21st century

6 June 2018

When we decided to look at how we might rebrand our firm of solicitors to both celebrate our 250th anniversary and bring our current brand up to date, we invited a number of East Anglian firms to talk to us.  The team from Yellobelly stood out from the rest of the pack.  They had some brilliant creative ideas that showed that they had listened to our initial design brief and, what's more, helped us to develop our view of the final brand which resulted in a much better end result for the firm.

You may have noticed that we have dropped the "& Sons" part of our name.  We were asked whether we felt that this was an essential part of our brand and after an interesting discussion we came to the conclusion that it felt a rather dated concept and didn't feel relevant to the firm in the 21st Century.  We decided to go with a fresher and more modern approach. 

We asked the designers to help our brand evolve and the Gepp family eagle is a unique element of our identity and it continues to play a leading role in our brand logo.  The designers went back to original heraldic sources to redraw our eagle and we think that they have done an excellent job in delivering a sharp modern image that still clearly encapsulates its historical past. 

Having looked into the significance of the heraldic components everyone was surprised, and pleased, by its relevance to our firm.  Apart from the obvious linkages to the Gepp family, there are three aspects that have a synergy with our profession.  When used in a coat of arms the eagle indicates that the person bearing the arms is courageous, a "man of action" and judicious.  The diamond-shaped lozenge in the eagle's mouth is called a Mascle and is a representation of chain-mail armour.  The sword speaks for itself.  So the Gepp eagle represents a courageous and judicious person who is there to defend and, if necessary fight for the rights of others.  That's not a bad description of lawyers!

If you want to learn more about the team at Yellobelly and their work for a wide-ranging set of clients that include The Metropolitan Police Service, Ernst Young and Screen Suffolk, their website is http://www.yellobelly.co.uk/home.