7 Things I’ve Learned About Myself This Week


3 April 2020

By Marc Dorsett

I usually work from home one day a week so I thought the enforced home working would be a doddle….

However, after a few consecutive days of working where I live I have discovered a few things about myself I wasn't completely aware of before.

I drink a LOT of coffee. Always decaf, no sugar and a bit of milk. I knew I had a few a day but when you make all the cups yourself it really hits home.

Due to point 1, my bladder needs emptying frequently – old age isn't helping this.

Vimto is the best squash in the World.

I really like putting the washing on.

I really like putting said washing into the tumble dryer (if the label allows, of course).

My Spotify account isn't as varied as I like to think.

I can make a Werther's Original last 27 minutes.

I'm sure this list will change over the next few weeks, especially as I have run out of washing to do despite rationing the excitement.

Let me know how long you can make a Werther's last – no cheating by taking out of your mouth though.

If my boss is reading this, rest assured none of the above is getting in the way of my work!

Our Team are #WorkingFromHome

Like most of the country, where the job allows, our team are working from home. The health and safety of our staff is paramount, as is our ability to work effectively for our clients. Whatever happens over the next few months, we will do our best to deliver excellent client service through a robust business continuity plan and proven business resilience. This includes ensuring all those involved in delivering client work are able to work remotely.