William Shatner Finalises Divorce


5 March 2020

By Farhad Islam

It has been reported that a financial settlement in divorce has been reached between William Shatner and his wife, Elizabeth. 

In his seven decades of television, William Shatner became a cultural icon for his portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise in the Star Trek.  At 88, he is divorcing for the fourth time and reportedly it's now been finalised with plenty to divide.

Capt. Kirk is leaving with 2 horses … Renaissance Man's Medici and Powder River Shirley.

He also gets 2 dogs … Macchiato and Double Espresso.

Capt. Kirk's love for his horses is well known and he made sure to cover this in his Prenup

Elizabeth also gets 2 horses … Belle Reve's So Photogenic and Pebbles but, no dogs for her.

During divorce, it is not just about the division of finances, pets are regarded as personal property and when it comes to deciding who should keep them, it does not come down to who has spent longer looking after them but, who actually owns them.

To avoid such disputes on divorce or separation, it is worth making provision for any pets in a pre-nuptial agreement, a post-nuptial agreement or a cohabitation agreement. Such agreements can set out where the pets live, who pays the insurance/ vet bills, who pays for food and upkeep, who makes decisions for medical treatment etc. 

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