When Time Forgets


9 December 2016

By Lisa Carter

It is often said that ‘things are never lost – only misplaced’. So what happens if no one knows where a loved one's Will is stored, or more to the point whether they ever made a Will.

At Gepp & Sons once we have advised our clients and assisted them in the writing of their Wills, we are happy to retain a copy in our secure storage facility for as long as necessary. We are, however, fully aware that clients move on and relocate to pastures new and this can sometimes mean that families are left without the knowledge of where their Will might be stored. 

One solution is to have Gepp & Sons register your Will with Certainty, an organisation who keeps a central register of Wills. 

There are many examples that show the benefit of such a service and here are just two….

The Man Who Never Forgets Anything!

David Thomas has an incredible memory, making him a world record holder and a number one best-selling author, although he could not recall if his Grandfather made a Will and where it may be held. David's Grandfather died intestate sixteen years ago, but David has never given up his quest to find his Will. David comments, 'Finding the Will was never about the money. This was about being able to fill a gap in my knowledge regarding my Grandfather, who I was and where I came from. It would also help my brother complete the family tree he had been working on.’ 

Endless years of searching had not revealed the location of the Will until David used a Certainty Will Search. Within hours of the search being made the Will which was not registered was located at a solicitor’s office where it had been for the past 34 years, using a Certainty Will Search Combined.

1966 A Great Year for the England Football Team, and Fraser & Fraser

Fraser and Fraser, one of the world's largest genealogists and probate researchers, were investigating a case where a testator had passed away without immediate family. It was not known whether they had made a Will so they set about searching for a Will prior to looking for heirs. They conducted a Certainty Will Search and on the same day that the search commenced, a Will which was not registered made in 1966 was found for the deceased using a Certainty Will Search Combined. Fraser & Fraser comments: “It is important to endeavor to discover if the deceased left a Will as their last wishes may have included beneficiaries outside of family lineage. It is not good practice to simply assume that someone never made a Will.”

The above is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues.

If you require further information on Certainty or other related issues please contact Lisa Carter on 01245 228127 or email carterl@gepp.co.uk