Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton Divorce will now just ‘Roll With It’

22 December 2014

The words 'quickie divorce' seem to suggest that there has been some departure from what otherwise would have been the ordinary route to take.  Many people will be curious as to what is so 'quick' about it.

It is actually the case that a 'quickie divorce' is far from unusual, with the majority of divorces proceeding down that same route.  Essentially, it means that the divorce is proceeding with both Liam and Nicole agreeing that it should not be contested (in other words, it is not being defended).  Remember, Liam is the Respondent in these proceedings, meaning the onus would have been on him to indicate whether he wishes to contest Nicole's Petition.  Given that the case has progressed down the 'quickie' route, it certainly seems the case that that did not happen.

As such, the Judge was satisfied that on the evidence presented before her, Nicole was entitled to a divorce on the basis that the marriage has irretrievably broken down by virtue of Liam's adultery.  The 'Decree Nisi' has now been pronounced as a result (which is effectively a sort of 'provisional' divorce), meaning Nicole must now wait a period of at least 6 weeks before applying for her Decree Absolute (which is the final stage and is when the divorce is official).

As a result of their marriage fast approaching an end, Liam and Nicole will have financial claims against one another that need resolving.  They will probably have already taken advice in relation to this, as their solicitors will have discussed it with them, although how far they are in terms of resolving those claims will not be known.  It is vitally important for everyone (not just rock stars) to ensure that those claims are fully resolved and approved by the court.  If you fail to do this it could leave you open to claims being made in the future.

At Gepp & Sons, our expert Family Solicitors are specialists in achieving 'quickie divorces' for our clients and also resolving their outstanding financial claims against their spouse.  Should you need advice in relation to either of these matters, or both, please do not hesitate to contact Neil McNab on 01245 228132 or email

This is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general  interest about current legal issues.