Self-Certification for Self-Isolation

6 April 2020

The current pandemic has, inevitably, put a lot of pressure on GP surgeries but, at the same time, has brought along quite a few changes in the systems that we have all come to know for sickness and absence process in the workplace.

To date, employees have been aware that they can self-certify for sickness absence for up to 7 days, but afterwards, they need to produce a Statement of Fitness for Work from their GP for any sickness absence that lasts longer. With the current guidelines regarding self-isolation, many people are required to stay at home for longer than 7 days and, also, cannot attend their overburdened GP surgeries in order to obtain the sick note.

To tackle this problem, the Government has introduced a new 'isolation notes' service which can be obtained through the NHS Website, NHS 111 or even the NHS App for any employee that must self-isolate due to having Covid-19 symptoms themselves or because they live with someone who has exhibited some of the symptoms. This will allow employees to provide their employers with the necessary sick note without having to endanger themselves or others by trying to attend their GP surgeries for an appointment. The service simply requires the person to complete a few questions before the note is sent to them by email (or even be re-directed straight to the employer, if necessary).

Free Consultation

If you fear that you need to self-isolate, we encourage you to think of your health first and try out this new service from the NHS as you require. Of course, we remain on hand to offer any employment advice as the situation continues to unfold and affect many businesses and individuals. Please do not hesitate to contact our team and take advantage of our free 30 minutes' consultation with a member of our expert team by emailing your details to so that we can contact you.

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