Employment Law update


14 March 2014

By Alexandra Dean

Announcements have been made by the Government in relation to its ongoing reform program for employment law.  The key developments are;

  • Unfair dismissal compensatory awards will be capped at the lower of one years pay and the existing limit currently, £73,300.00. 
  • A draft statutory code of practice on how settlement agreements (also known as Compromise Agreements) will operate will be published by ACAS once the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill has been enacted. 
  • Consultation will take place on extensive changes to TUPE 2006, in particular, removing the service change provisions. 
  • Proposals to simplify the regulation of the recruitment sector by replacing the current regulations within a new framework. 
  • Implementing most of the recommendations contained in the Health at Work; and Independent Review of Sickness Absence Report published in 2011 (http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/health-at-work.pdf) tackling long term sickness absence. 

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