ACAS reports on the impact of the Agency Workers Regulations


23 February 2017

By Alexandra Dean

ACAS have reported that the Employment Trends Survey, which covers 319 businesses and a total workforce of 1.9 million people, found that almost half of firms (46%) report that their business has been affected as a direct result of the regulations.  Some 57% said they have reduced their use of agency workers and one in twelve firms (8%) has stopped use of them entirely.

According to the survey, more than a third of companies (36%) are turning to fixed –term contracts instead and rather than use agency workers, one in seven firms (15%) has hired self-employed people, who are unaffected by the regulations, and one in six (17%) has asked existing employees to put in more overtime work.

Agency workers are entitled to certain rights, including paid annual leave, rest breaks and the National Minimum Wage.

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