High Time for Employment Services – ACAS Services received calls at up to THREE times their usual rate


25 August 2020

By Alexandra Dean

We are under no illusion that the current climate is difficult for everyone – individuals and businesses are facing a very uncertain future as they try to muddle their way through and ideally come out of the Coronavirus crisis and unavoidable recession as unscathed as possible. 

ACAS have released their 2019/20 annual report and they have noted some statistics that might surprise the faint of heart:

· Their coronavirus web advice has seen 3.6 million visitors;

· The ACAS helpline, at the height of the pandemic, saw the calls increase threefold compared with their usual rate;

· Overall, there were 1,172,091 contacts through the advisory services spanning over the telephone helpline, Helpline Online, web chat and Facebook messages; and

· The Early Conciliation service saw 5,000 more cases compared with the same period last year, with the main complaint of unfair dismissal making up 42% of those cases. 

We wrote here about some of the burning redundancy related questions that employees are likely to have and how the process is likely to affect them personally.

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