Willwriter jailed.

11 July 2012

Following on from the Law Society's campaign to regulate Will writers and the Legal Services Board confirming intentions to undertake an investigation of will-writers, a recent sentence confirms this is long overdue. A will-writer has recently been sentenced to jail for 14 months, as a result of lying to his clients about their wills being invalid, due to changes in the law. The changes he referred to when arranging to do the work for his clients, did not exist. However, many took up the opportunity to revalidate their Will at a financial cost to them. This clearly shows that will-writers need to be regulated and we strongly advise you to use a solicitor when preparing your Will. If you require assistance with your Will, please contact our Private Client team on 01245 228107, or email privateclient@gepp.co.uk, who will be able to assist you. The above is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues.