Rogue Traders man admits fraud

24 April 2013

Dan Penteado who has been the motorbike-riding on-screen sidekick of Rogue Traders star Matt Allwright since 2001 appeared before Bournemouth Magistrates and his case has been adjourned for sentence to take place on 17 July 2012 following the preparation of pre-sentence reports.

The total amount of benefits that he was paid in the relevant period is approximately £24,000 which places him at very real risk of an immediate sentence of imprisonment when he returns to Court. He is understood to have failed to disclose his earnings from the programme while claiming benefits over a number of years, and also failed to disclose a bank account in his name.

Liaison between government departments makes it more and more difficult for those attempting to claim benefits they are not entitled to, and these are offences taken very seriously by the Courts, often attracting prison sentences.

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