RBS computer problems keep man in prison


29 April 2013

By Lucy Wright

In certain cases a court can grant people with conditions that can include the payment of a security to the court, essentially to act as a promise, that the Defendant will attend court on future occasions.

Because of the computer problems suffered by the RBS over the last 4 to 5 days, the Defendant in question had to spend the weekend in prison whilst this issue was resolved.

It is understood that the matter of the Defendant’s detention over the weekend was raised on Monday morning but court staff used discretion to ensure that the Defendant was released as soon as possible.

In a second case relating to similar difficulties, a Judge made a judicial decision last Friday to release the Defendant given the circumstances prevailing in respect of the RBS’ difficulties.

The difficulties with RBS have caused them to have major difficulties at their own branches along with those at NatWest and Ulster Bank who are owned by the RBS.

RBS’ boss, Stephen Hester, has advised that the bank systems were, as of Monday 25th June 2012, working normally but it would take a few days for the backlog to be cleared. The RBS has extended its opening hours for up to 1,200 of its main branches all week to help clear this backlog.

The above article is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues

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