Motorists Are Still Speeding Amid Coronavirus Lockdown


22 April 2020

By Elizabeth Bradshaw
I blogged over two weeks ago now about concerns that some police forces had about motorists using quieter roads during the coronavirus to flout motoring laws, especially speeding.
A BBC report appears to bear this out. It reports of motorists using the quieter roads as their own race track and some forces reporting an increase in speeding offences even though there is reduced traffic on our highways. This, consequently, places greater pressure on our emergency services who have to deal with such offending and sometimes, the more devastating consequences of the same when serious road traffic accidents occur as a result. It follows that in addition to greater policing required, vital medical services are diverted in responding to such incidents when this need could be avoided by all motorists (not just the vast majority) driving sensibly and considerately throughout this crisis.
The message remains clear.
Stay home, protect the NHS and save lives. But, if you DO have to venture out onto the roads, then do so safely and whilst complying with all road traffic legislation.

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