Ministry of Justice confirms Employment Tribunal fees

16 May 2013

At present taking a claim to an Employment Tribunal or appealing to the EAT is free of charge and funded by the tax payer.  The Ministry of Justice, however, has now confirmed it will introduce fees for users of the Employment Tribunal from the summer of 2013, this is in a bid to encourage employers and staff to mediate or settle disputes and to reduce the tax payer’s subsidy.  The fees will be as follows:-

  • Claims such as non-payment of wages and redundancy payments will incur a fee of £160.00 to issue a claim and a further fee of £230.00 if the matter proceeds to a hearing. 
  • Claims for unfair dismissal, discrimination, equal pay will incur an issue fee of £230.00 and a further fee of £950.00 if the matter proceeds to a hearing. 

The Ministry of Justice has indicated that people on low incomes may not be required to pay the full fees as in civil claims.  It has further been confirmed that fees to use the Employment Tribunal will be payable in advance and that even though most types of fee will only apply to the person bringing the claim the Tribunal will have the power to order the unsuccessful party to reimburse the fee to the successful party.

If you have any queries or require any further information in relation to this change then please do not hesitate to contact Alexandra Dean on 01245 493939 or