Golf trophies – a new trend in scrap metal theft?

15 November 2013

For several years copper has been the target of many thefts due to the relatively high price of the metal sold as scrap.  For a long time lead has also been the subject of numerous thefts from roofs and other publicly accessible places. 

Police have been investigating a number of break-ins at golf clubs which appear to target the golf trophies held there. 

Hindhead Golf Club in Surrey was the victim of one such break-in when thieves, smashed its display case, stole most of its trophies, all just days before the clubs presentation night.

Police are now trying to establish whether there is a connection between all of the burglaries given the similarities.

A police spokesperson said there had been four such burglaries in Surrey alone but as yet they were unsure if they were connected.  DS Hazel said "although we can't be certain there is a strong possibility that the thieves are targeting the golf clubs in order to sell the metal to scrap dealers". 

He also said "as the price of metal has been going up we have seen a rise in these types of offences, silver is expensive and that's what's being targeted predominately in these offences".

Police have warned other golf clubs to be vigilant against possible burglary.

The above is not legal advice, it is intended to provide information of general interest in current legal issues.