Coronavirus: Care Homes Pleading for PPE and Testing


16 April 2020

By Elizabeth Bradshaw

Anyone who has had contact with the residential care sector will know that dealing with vulnerable and elderly residents is an extremely challenging and often stressful task.

Balancing care and support of these residents whilst complying with vigorous and often complex regulations from the government via the Care Quality Commission can be a mammoth and testing task.  Coronavirus has made this already demanding situation increasingly difficult – particularly when it is suggested that the government is not providing sufficient support to those who could be considered the most vulnerable.

A care home provider who runs three homes in Essex has recently called for the government to do more not only in relation to protection equipment, but also in relation to testing for the virus. He states that care homes were being treated as "secondary" in terms of testing for the virus.  There is a feeling that care homes are in some way being failed by that lack of support – hard to understand when this virus is so aggressive and if contracted by such residents is most often fatal.

Essex County Council now has a hub to coordinate donations and distribute supplies of PPE to care homes.

However, there have been goggles and gloves provided from the government no masks have been forthcoming meaning that care homes have had to cover this by buying them privately.

The government has now, via the Health Secretary Matt Hancock, promised that all care home residents and staff with symptoms will be tested as laboratory capacity increases. This has been cautiously welcomed but there are significant concerns as to the ability of testing to raise to sufficient levels to action this in the relative short term.  There have been confirmed outbreaks at over 2,000 homes and presently only the first five residents with symptoms are tested to determine if the virus is present

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