Care Quality Commission Suspend Inspections Amid Coronavirus


9 April 2020

By Elizabeth Bradshaw

As from the 16th March 2020 the CQC has suspended all inspections which cover care homes and NHS hospitals with immediate effect. 

CQC had been under significant pressure from a number of directions including the Royal Colleges and the NHS Confederation who underlined that the priority for staff had to be focussing on supporting and treating patients suffering from Coronavirus.  CQC has now followed that line during what they called "unprecedented pressure on the health and care system".

It was made clear, however, that CQC would still use their powers where necessary, which include an ability to fine and potentially prosecute.  They will still use their powers "in a very small number of cases when we have clear reports of harm, such as allegations of abuse.".

When dealing with cases involving the Care Quality Commission it is integrally important to have the advice and assistance of someone who has expertise and knowledge surrounding their guidance and regulations.  It is often prudent to address any concerns prior to any such direct contact from CQC and advice concerning the same can oftentimes prove invaluable.

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